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Aeterna Rasa OOC [entries|friends|calendar]
Aeterna Rasa OOC

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Aeterna Rasa Lives [24 Sep 2003|02:44pm]

Alright, folks. It's time to get this RP up and running again. I've been neglecting it for far too long -- had a crazy summer, having an equally crazy fall but I miss this comm and I want to start it up again.

Before we can do that, I need to do a quick head count to see who's still around and interested in continuing this comm. So reply to this if you are. A simple yes or no will do just fine. If you don't want to stay in, for whatever reason, no problem. No hard feelings, no bullshit. Just need to see who still wants to play here, so we can replace and/or get rid of characters if need be. If you're not sure what character(s) you play here (it has been a while...) check the userinfo.

Anyone who hasn't responded to this post by October 1 (that's next Wednesday, aka a week from today) will be removed and/or replaced. And then we'll get this baby running.
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[17 Aug 2002|12:52am]

Ok well I'm taking a lot harder classes this year (I'm a junior now yo and can take tons of AP classes) and already I barely have time to do the comms that I was active in. So I'm going to have to step out of here. I haven't been paying any attention to Cordy here and I'm too swamped to be able to now. Sorry guys!!! I really have to cut down on the RPGs this year.

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[28 Jun 2003|12:30pm]

They showed the 'Tabula Rasa' episode on FX a few days ago and I randomly happened to catch it. I was flipping through the channels and they were showing 'Once More with Feeling' so I stopped on it and then they showed the other one right after. Not that it's important or anything but it amused me nonetheless.
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[26 May 2003|08:56pm]

As you may have noticed, we've got a new original char in here -- two, actually, though I'm still in the process of posting for the second one. I think most of you know Tamara (tamaratalk) from sunnydaleosi or our_gang, but for those who don't... that's Tamara. Heh. Also joining the mix is Spade (muted_spade), who may also be a familiar face to most of you from OSI.

Right now these are the only original characters we have, as well as the only non-spell-affected chars. If anybody here, or someone you know, is interested in playing a non-spell-affected character from the show, feel free to ask me about it. I really prefer to keep this community small, but if you can come up with a good enough reason for this particular character to be there -- and if I'm feeling inclusive when you ask, hehe -- then I'll consider it. Same goes for original, non-show characters, although I'm generally pretty discriminating about those, so they better be damn good characters with a damn good reason for joining. Hey, my comm, my eccentricities. ;-)

A few characters haven't posted yet -- there aren't any posting requirements here, because I'm at least familiar with all of you and know that you're dedicated players. And I know those of you that haven't posted have been busy/gone/not in a posty mood/etc, so this isn't at all accusatory. See, I'm smiling. :-) But I would like to see every character posted for at least once within the next few days, if it's at all possible. Just want to keep the plot and chars moving along at a fairly steady pace, so those of us with a tendency to post/play a lot don't accidentally leave everybody else behind!
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[25 May 2003|11:40am]

Hey guys! I just wanted to say that the posts so far have been great, so keep up the good work.

Also, as some of you may have noticed (or been told by me), we have a new Tara in here: sylvantara. Kimi's a very good friend of mine and a really awesome Tara, and I'm really excited to have her in here with us. Before anybody asks/wonders, no, Candace did not do something awful to make me 'kick her out,' or anything like that. I made a mistake, giving the role of Tara to her when I had said I would hold it for Kimi. So neither of them are to blame here, it was my own stupidity. Smack me around and call me an idiot if you like. ;-) But I've worked the situation out and everyone/everything seems to be okay now. As I already told Candace, she's more than welcome to take on another Sunnydale character if she wants to do so.

And I guess that's all I've got to say for now. Happy Sunday!
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[24 May 2003|11:50am]

Alright bow down to the coolness that is me. Cause I know you love the background. Come on I know you do *winks*
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[23 May 2003|05:15pm]

[ mood | quixotic ]

And the final and best one...ah, Emma Caulfield is so blessed...*swoons*

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[23 May 2003|05:14pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

And the next one...happiness....

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[23 May 2003|05:14pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Lookie at my icons...Just going to make three quick posts in a row...

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Hey [23 May 2003|04:55am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Look - I actually made an icon. With semi-legible words, even . . .

Go me!

(Sorry, had to share.)

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Hey there! [22 May 2003|03:54pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

I just felt like scribbling something in the OOC comm.


Now that that's over, I'm going to be playing Andrew (Andrewkin Skywalker, hehe) here! This is my first public performance of Andrew anywhere, so I'm really rather excited about that.

I'm also going to be playing Rupert Giles- who I've played elsewhere, and if you've seen my Giles elsewhere, hopefully you like him. Because if not, you're just going to be going "Ugh.. its -that- Giles" and I'll be crying and stuff and it'll be a big mess and yeah.

Okay, so I just got back from Chinese food and I'm hyper. What more do you want?

Oh yeah... Ali rocks, and this is a nifty idea for a comm.

Ps: If you want to get ahold of me, you should know how by now, but if you don't its Lab Arc Designs for the AIM and Angelauric@yahoo.com for the email.

Did I mention Ali rocks?

Can you tell I'm excited by this comm idea? Woo-hoo!

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[22 May 2003|02:03pm]

Hey guys! Heh, first post, I feel sort of nervous. For those that haven't seen it, the community info is up here, so go check it out, it contains some pretty vital stuff. I strongly suggest you all watch the episode or, at the very least, read the script (linked in the comm info) before beginning. I know I saw things I had forgotten when I rewatched it today, and I watch this episode on a monthly basis, so I knew it pretty well already. ;-)

We can begin whenever you guys are ready -- I'll probably make a Willow post today and possibly an Alex (Xander) post as well, but if someone else wants to post before I get around to it, you're more than welcome. I'm assuming we'll start when the group meets up outside the Magic Box post-vamp-slaying/bunny-banishing, but feel free to move your characters along from there. Just be reasonable about it, keeping in mind what the characters do and don't know about themselves from the episode. I trust all of you and your roleplaying abilities, otherwise I wouldn't have invited you to join my comm. So have fun! I for one am really looking forward to this.

Edited to add: I realized there might be some confusion about the Willow/Tara issue, since in the episode they're very obviously about to kiss right before the crystal gets broken. In this version, since the crystal didn't fall out of Willow's shirt-pouch thing, I'm assuming she didn't fall on top of Tara like she did in the episode. So the near-kissing incident never happened, although the attraction was certainly still there (as implied by Willow's "And I think I'm kinda gay" comment to Dawn). Okay, shutting up now, I promise!
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